Making Poker a Family Game

Poker is one of the top card games. It is usually thought of as more of a casino game, but poker can be fun for the whole family. It is a game of chance and skill that will get everyone working hard to win. Poker can be played in many different forms, so that makes it quite adjustable to fit the ages of players and their skill levels. You can add poker to your family card game repertoire to liven things up on your family game night.Poker involves betting on each hand. The number of cards dealt in each hand and how the game is played is all based on the actual type of poker you are playing. Poker can be as simple as a five card draw where one round is played using one hand of five cards. It can also be a bit more involved such as in Texas Hold Em poker.In general, most poker games start with a hand being dealt to all players. Players then make a bet. The next round, if any, involves players being dealt a number of cards of their choice that will replace cards in their hand. Players are trying to create a certain trick in their hand, such as a full house or a straight. The last round sees a final bet and then players are forced to either fold, which means to bow out of the game, or to show their cards. Whoever has the best hand wins all the bets or the pot.The different variations of poker all follow the general rules. However, they each have something different about them. The common forms include straight, stud and draw. There are also variations that are referred to as poker, but that are done using a machine, much like a slot machine.Betting is an important part of poker. The whole goal is to be the biggest winner. You can play poker all night, as long as you still have something to bet. In traditional games money is used, but if you are playing poker with the family you can use anything. Try candy or other food. You can also just use pennies. Betting is a great way for younger children to exercise their math skills.Another part of poker that is good for children is that it exercises their reasoning skills. Trying to figure out how to get a good hand involves a lot of problem solving and thinking. Children will really give their brains a workout which is something that they won’t get from television or video games.Poker makes for a great game that teaches the basic elements involved in many other card games. You will find that various card games are actually just variations on the classic poker game. Eventually you will be able to play various card games because your family will all know the basic rules.Poker may not seem like the perfect game for a family card game, but as you can see it has many great attributes. Poker is a great game that teaches children many skills. It is engaging enough to keep adults interested and it is something that is going to work for your family as your children get older. Poker is the perfect game to bring everyone together, no matter how varied the age ranges in your family.